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    Learn more about logical twins and how they helps you treat business information as a business asset.

Advanced Datalog

Listed to our speech at the Enterprise Data Transformation Symposium amongst other knowledge graph leaders from Bosch, IKEA and Astra Zeneca, at an event hosted by Semantic Arts and the Data-Centric Architecture Forum.

"Traits, also called subdocuments, give knowledge graphs superpowers"

The git hub, for information

In 2023 we  unveiled an easy-to-use local-first #gitfordata experience for  semantic knowledge graphs, encoded in portable data products!

Imagine taking the superpowers in "git" that software developers use to collaborate, share, and produce code effectively, but for information.

Yes, you heard that right: Clone, Rebase, Merge, Push, Branches... 

Watch the video to learn more. 


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