Event Recordings

Recordings from events related to building TerminusDB data products
with DFRNT.

Join the conversation with peers as we explore semantic knowledge graph use cases collaboratively. We use semantic data modelling in TerminusDB data products and express data models and instance data using DFRNT.

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Getting started with types, traits and enums

An introduction to types, traits and enums. It started with a question on how to create types, and ended up with a 30 minute introduction to data types in TerminusDB data products!


Data import from Excel

Quick 5 minute video walkthrough of how to import data from Excel into DFRNT and TerminusDB data products with ease.


Content and SEO

Spontaneous and fun conversation with Jarno van Driel on using JSON-LD and RDF for content and SEO purposes, the importance of UTF-8 and i18n (internationalisation) in global data products, and a glimpse into a data model for a production blog built using TerminusDB as a headless CMS.

People connecting dots

Semantic Modelling

Great collaboration as we covered topics ranging from how to make RDF data from PDFs and tabular data, modelling fragments and document clauses, tools for converting data models and more, and use cases for TerminusDB data products.


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